Quote on Migration


(Su Shih was banished to Hainan Island at the edge of the world or savageland in his time. It has become a vacation paradise for many, in particular Russians. And islands on South China Sea have become heated territorial disputes among China, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan with US as well.)


River Moon Quotes from Red Cliff Poetry Prose

Life is a Dream, river moon

“Life is a Dream,
a globlet of wine
to the river moon”
(Quote from Su Shih‘s Red Cliff Reminiscence)

“Encounter fresh breeze on the river or bright moon between the hills,
any ears can take as music and eyes as sights;
nothing prohibits anyone from taking
and it will never be depleted with consumption,
they are Creator’s infinite treasures
delighting both you and I.”
(Quote from Su Shih’s Red Cliff Rhaphsody)

Moon(Art and colors’s photo)

“We hold on to the flying immortal to roam freely,
or embrace the bright moon to life’s ultimate end.”
(Quote from Su Shih’s  Red Cliff Rhaphsody)


Free Calligraphy of Quotes on Self

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“Let Integrity,
Suit Yourself.”
(Su Shih)

Let Integrity

“Heart at Peace is my Homeland.”
(Su Shih)

Heart at peace is my Homeland

“This Body is not Mine.”
(Su Shih)

This Body is not Mine.jpg