“Ancient Memories of Red Cliff” along with the two Red Cliff Rhapsodies or Odes in prose poetry called “Fu” in Chinese, pronounced like “Fool” in English are Su Shih’s most popular poetry and prose. His “Fu” is the last in the category in history of Chinese literature. The s大江東去book coveroul of Fu is blending landscapes with profound philosophy; he was a master at it.

The following is an excerpt from “Ancient Memories of Red Cliff”

“The Great River flows east,
waves wash out all characters
of millennium charm………
Mesh of rocks of all sizes and shapes, some jagged, others full of pores,
white foams of waves dispersed
like clouds, smashed by pointed rocks,
rolling up thousand heaps of snow.
Landscape like a painting,
a time of how many gallant figures
Life is a dream,
a goblet of wine to moon river.”

Millennium CHarm Calligraphy of Red Cliff Poetry

Su Shih is best known for ” characters of millennium charm.” This is how the historical fiction “Millennium Charm” got its name.

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