Places and Sights

Below are some places and sights of Su Shih highlighted in the Novellas

(Su’s Paradise on Earth)
Su Dyke

Overview of Su Causeway 1

Hainan Island
(Su’s Edge of the World in Last Exile)
Hainan Island with rocks
Indigenous People (Li, Miao and Tan)
Li man with tatto  Miao Children Hainan Tan women on raft

Red Cliff
Su’s Red Cliff  in HuangGang City

Red Cliff Yellow Buildings
Red Cliff City (Historic Red Cliff site)

Red CLiff in Red Cliff City

(Su’s Homeland, Brow Mountain in Novellas)

Three Su Shrine

(Su’s Wild South in Second Exile or Goosetown in Novellas)

Huizhou West Lake