River Moon Quotes from Red Cliff Poetry Prose

Life is a Dream, river moon

“Life is a Dream,
a globlet of wine
to the river moon”
(Quote from Su Shih‘s Red Cliff Reminiscence)

“Encounter fresh breeze on the river or bright moon between the hills,
any ears can take as music and eyes as sights;
nothing prohibits anyone from taking
and it will never be depleted with consumption,
they are Creator’s infinite treasures
delighting both you and I.”
(Quote from Su Shih’s Red Cliff Rhaphsody)

Moon(Art and colors’s photo)

“We hold on to the flying immortal to roam freely,
or embrace the bright moon to life’s ultimate end.”
(Quote from Su Shih’s  Red Cliff Rhaphsody)



Red Cliff

Red Cliff Yellow Buildings Red Cliff Portal

Less than a hundred feet tall and half a mile stretch of fire red rock, in the shape of castle mural with an embedded nose in the middle, this is Su Shih’s Red Cliff; some called it Red Nose Hill. A small hill standing by the side of Yang Tze or Great River with tree roots anchored in the riverbed, it looks up the sky. Waves roar in Great River while pavilions and pagodas spread over the top of the hill. Click on Red Cliff Poem.

Many claim the historic site for Battle of Red Cliffs in year 208 is west of Huang Gang city and currently where Red Cliff City is situated, and not Su’s Red Cliff. Below are sights at Red Cliff City depicting the Red Cliff batte.

Red CLiff in Red Cliff City Three Kingdom Red Cliff ancient battle site

Red Clif Battle ShipsRed Cliff BoatRed Cliff Battlefield Red Cliff Warriors

In Su’s prose poetry he refers to only three of the key characters in the battle of Red Cliffs: Tsao, the defeated northern warlord; Zhou, the general who crafted the strategy leading to victory for two southern warlords in the Three Kingdom Era; the beautiful wife of General Zhou.

Tsao was known as a merciless tyrant, military genius and brilliant ruler. Su mentions in his poem Tsao’ss initial success overtaking one warlord’s territory and then he headed further south along the river eastward for more victory. With two hundred thousand soldiers in battleships stretching a thousand miles, his naval flags and banners covered the sky. Complacent, he composed a poem holding a lance crossway in his hand and poured wine to the river gods. He was defeated by coalition of two southern lords with Zhou’s brilliant strategy of setting Tsao’s linked battleships on fire. The southern warlords had far less ships and soldiers compared to Tsao, they won with wits rather than force.

Along with the other famous sage strategist holding a feather fan, handsome Zhou’s head wrapped in green silk talked and laughed their way through the battle as enemy’s battleships vanished in smoke and ashes.

You can watch the Red Cliff movie by John Wu with English subtitles in full on youtube. Below is a trailer for you to get a feel.