Indigenous People of Hainan

Su was very friendly with the indigenous people and also dressed like them even when he returned north. Li people gave him venison they hunted and Tan people gave him oysters that he enjoyed tremendously.


Li people were the earliest indigenous inhabitants of Hainan. They are believed to be descendants of ancient tribes from mainland, who settled on the island between 7 and 27 thousand years ago. Below you can see the legendary Mother Li Hill, their lodgings, hair ornaments, tattoes and Li women crossing the stream.

Li Mother Hill Hainan aborigine village

Li women ornamentsTattoed Feet 1


Li food and wine brewing gear below (Su Shih wrote a lot about wine brewing,)

Li food Modified Li Wine Brewing


The boat people are Tan who fish and eat a lot of seafood. They came from the coastal areas of Mainland China.

Hainan Tan people 


They are tribes from Mainland China.

Miao Housing with patterns Miao woman with basket     Miao clothing

Miao FluteMiao Old Man with instruments

Five Colors Rice and Bamboo Rice

Miao Five Color RiceMiao Colored Rice Bamboo Rice