Free Calligraphy of Quotes on Self

Get a free calligraphy of Su Shih‘s original words on self in conflicts,migration, love and loss. Write a review for Millennium Charm at Amazon. (Calligraphy will be mailed after review verification and postal address provided at Contact.) View video on calligraphy meditation of Thich Nhat Hahn and more about the calligrapher.

“Let Integrity,
Suit Yourself.”
(Su Shih)

Let Integrity

“Heart at Peace is my Homeland.”
(Su Shih)

Heart at peace is my Homeland

“This Body is not Mine.”
(Su Shih)

This Body is not Mine.jpg



Su’s Summary of his Life

The header image conveys the tone of this poem.

“My heart is like wood burnt to ashes,
my body as an unleashed boat.
If you ask what are my life accomplishments………”

self portrait text

Can you guess his reply?


The actual line is “Huangzhou, Huizhou, Tanzhou.”
(The three places of his exile: GuangGang, Huizhou and Hainan)

Framed Millennium Charm Chinese Brush with blue green brush background1560x2500 with Frame

The cover image also conveys the tone of the poem. Dislocation as an unleashed boat.Loss, makes us feel like wood burnt to ashes. All due to conflicts. The migrants and refugees around the world come to mind right away. May we all do everything we can to stop conflicts.

Su Shih’s West Lake poem at Apple Store

A Drink at West Lake, Sun and Rain

Water ripples glimmering in the sun, just perfect.
Mountain hues in clear veil of misty rain, spectacular too.
Should we take West Lake as Beauty West,
Fair, light or heavy cosmetics alike.

(City Hermit’s translation)

Apple features calligrapher who created Hangzhou Apple Store mural in ‘About the Artist’ video

Apple on Thursday posted to its YouTube channel a translated version of a promo video featuring artist Wang Dongling, initially created for the Chinese market in celebration of the unveiling of a new West Lake Apple Store in Hangzhou.

Two days ago, Apple took the wraps off its latest retail outlet in Hangzhou, China, tearing down protective barriers bearing original artwork commissioned from noted calligrapher Wang Dongling. To commemorate the event, a video was created showing a behind the scenes look at Wang’s work.

Apple has since translated the short feature and uploaded the results to its official YouTube channel under the title “Apple Store, West Lake – About the Artist.” Wang discusses Hangzhou and the West Lake region, explaining that the 2000-year-old poem “Praising West Lake in the Rain” was a perfect fit for the project.

The poem reads:

Shimmering water on sunny days
Blurred mountains through rainy haze
West Lake is like the beauty, Xizi
With light or heavy makeup, always beautiful

According to Wang, Hangzhou combines both traditional Chinese culture with a modern cityscape open to new ideas.

“To have a West Lake Apple Store in Hangzhou, it will also add another highlight to the city,” Wang said.