About the Author

Sung Yee Poon lives in Taipei, Taiwan. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, studied in US but worked mostly in Taiwan. She pursued science and marketing careers, contributed to Economic Daily and published nonfiction in Chinese “Exercise for the Heart” and “Easy Choices for Small Potatoes” before writing in English for the past few years.

She likes the nickname of City Hermit, plowing books and farming words as a recluse in the library utopia amidst hustles-bustles of Taipei city.

Her next book project “Buddhas of All Colors” is inspired by two darlings at a Buddhist orphanage in Lesoto, Africa  in photo below.



How “Millennium Charm” came to be

Su Shih is a “Millennium Charm” in the Chinese world. Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian teachings were his tools to cope with conflicts, dislocation or loss. I can see Su’s life in mine except for his talents, popularity and romances that I don’t have. I too had suffered from conflicts at work, tragic love and loss as well as longing for a place called home where I really belong.

After a long journey to find inner peace from Christianity to Buddhism and then from Zen to Tao, I resorted to studying Chuang Tzu’s Inner Chapters to come to terms with life and death, right and wrong or success and failure in a world falling apart from conflicts and financial crises.(For more see how “Free Easy Mind” came to be)

It was most enlightening and healing to study and rewrite Su Shih’s story in fiction as a real life case study to examine Chuang Tzu’s teachings. May you find inspiration on career, home, love and loss from Su’s life as well!

City Hermit

Daily Living Charm Blog (living with less and loss, doing good despite differences and not belonging)
Freeasy Peace sites:
Peace Characters (Original Pictograms/ Personalities)
Peace Think (Original Words of Zen Tao Minds of Founding Fathers)
Free Easy World (Blog on Global Conflicts)


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Sales revenue will be donated to Anders Home Project.

FREE EASY MIND  booksite

(with animal metaphors and eco parables,
mind mirror for easy decision,
pictograms and concept maps
for easy understanding and memory,
masters’ dialogs and more…..)

Common ZENSE Easy TAO
for Instant Peace
(coming soon)

Let the Heart Go in Peace,
A novel
(coming soon)


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