May Millennium Charm be Your Legacy

Millennium Charm is a book site on the life story of Su Shih and not really a blog. (Daily Living Charm is the blog to expand on Su Shih’s charm of living freely in conflicts and loss in modern life).It was meant to be like a case study in real life to illustrate Chuang Tzu’s teachings, it helped me tremendously to make sense out of my own issues of conflicts, love and loss and migrant mentality¬† whether at home or abroad.

Due to my inadequate knowledge of blogging and social media or lack of interests in Su Shih who is the symbol of Chinese culture, the time and efforts I spent on sharing in writing what I learnt from Chuang Tzu or Su Shih have not been very effective in achieving my goals of promoting peace for others and doing good. Su Shih is a very popular poet and icon in the Chinese world past and present, but personally I am more interested in the issues of his life in particular how he integrated Confucianism, Taoisim and Buddhism that formulate Chinese mentality today.Su has thousands of poems but I have already translated and posted those I am most interested in but that is not really not my main objective.

It is time for me to move on to endeavors on peace and doing good in different directions and stop blogging for the time being or until more competence on blogging and social media is acquired as well as a more compelling purpose for posting is found.For more explanation please read last post on Daily Living Charm.There are many posts that were written and posted in private before the launch of this book site. (Maybe due to my misconception, many have not been viewed.) For those interested in poetry, you might enjoy those posts categorized or tagged poetry or quotes. There are many webpages about the colorful and multifacet life of Su Shih and Chinese culture, may I invite you to surf the book site or buy Millennium Charm ebook at Amazon as donations to the French father’s nursing home for the mentally challenged.

Thank you all for your visits, likes and follows and the learning from your blogs that I follow and will continue to read as time permits. May you all be free in conflicts and loss or moving around in the world and leave a legacy of millennium charm in your world!


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