Begonia Poetry

potted tree begonia

“..Wish to cherish spring every year,
but spring departs without cherish.
This year, bitter rains again,
two months of chills like autumn.
Lie down to smell the begonia blossoms,
snow and rouge petals scattered, smeared by mud.”

Su Shih in first exile
(from Cold Meal Rain)  See Calligraphy

(Begonia is an indigenous flower of Su’s homeland; it is also called homesick plant or heartbreaking flower of sorrow.His mother was called Begonia; she emanated fragrance of an accomplished lady’ virtues.She taught him to be true to yourself but was banished being speaking his mind. Begonia is small, ordinary and inconspicuous; he failed his name Shih that his father gave him so he would remain inconspicuous even in significant positions.)

Tree Begonia 1

East winds in spring fondling begonia flooded in luxuriant light.
Translucent mist of fragrance veils
moonlight beaming over the winding pavilion.
Blossoms may doze through the night,
light a towering candle to illumine the fair complexion.

Su Shih


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