Lychee Poetry

loquat waxberry

Eating Lychees

Under Mount Lofu all four seasons are like spring,
waxberries and loquats fresh everyday.
Feasting on lychees, three hundred a day,
I would not mind being a Peak South local.

Lament for Lychees

Every ten li a station swirling with dust,
every five li a post urging couriers to hurry.
Men die like flies, their corpses line the road,
so lychees and longans may be delivered to court.
Carriages race over hills,
boats sweep through the seas.
With newly plucked fruit on fresh boughs,
leaves still dewy,
all to win a smile from the beauty in the palace.

Dragon Eye Trees   Lychee bunch on tree
Though it cost bloodshed and strife, its effect remains for ever.
Lychees came from different districts at different eras
people still hate the ministers who recommended offering
but nobody would commerorate the ones with integrity.
I only wish heavenly father would have mercy on the little people,
don’t ever create such sensual beauties to become people’s doom,
if only wind and rain are well tempered
for a prosperous harvest in all the valleys,
the best omen is people exempt from hunger and cold.
Didn’t you see the officials pack and cage tea shootlings
from best cultivation areas for offerings?
Wrangling for new ideas for offering to gain favors,
today’s limited items become offering tea.
Do our emperors really lack these things?
How disgusting and mean to indulge only
the emperor’s mouth and body?
It’s a pity ministers remaining at the capital
came from model families for loyalty and filial piety,
they too offer peony to gain favors.


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