History and Culture of Dong Po Pork

Dongpo Pork is the most famous cuisine of Hangzhou both for its cultural legacy and taste.  It was first documented in Ode to Pork when Su Shih was banished in Huangzhou (Today’s HuangGang City of Hubei province) where he took on the name Dong Po, but best known as Hangzhou cuisine.

When Su returned to Hangzhou as governor the second time, he led the people to dredge West Lake. The people loved him so much that they carried a large amount of pork and wine to show their appreciation for him. Su Dongpo cooked and then distributed the pork workers who contributed to the dredging. They named it Dongpo Pork.

Jade Dong Po Meat

This piece of tender, juicy, melting-right-in-mouth Dongpo pork is a hard, cold stone transformed along with “Jadeite cabbage” into two of National Palace Museum’s most famous masterpieces . It is quartz curio of jasper chlcedony.


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