Su Shih’s most popular love poem

Fo and Su's statues

Above is a photo of  statues of Su and his first wife in their teenage years at his homeland Meishan.

A Love Poem to First Wife Ten Years after her Death

“Hopelessly lost for ten years,
dead or alive.
Don’t think about it
but how can it be forgotten?
Your lone grave,
thousand miles away;
where can we talk out our sorrows?
Even if we meet,
we would not recognize each other;
my face covered with dust,
sideburns white as frost.

Last night I had a deep dream,
as if back in homeland,
outside of your little window.
We look at each other, not a word,
a thousand lines of tears on our cheeks.
See year after year
the gut wrenching site:
bright moon night,
stubby pine slope.”

Above is a clip from a TV drama on Su Shih with a theme song of the love poem.
The most touching scene is the boat trip with two coffins of father and first wife going home. (start at 2:08- 3:26).

If you want to watch the home funeral (0:40) attended by ministers with Emperor’s edict mandate around 2:00-2:08. The scene of Su’s six year old son crying jerks tears, You can also see shots of second wife, Su Shih and his brother in white. The clip starts with death scene of Su’s first wife Fo with second wife-to-be and Fo’s son followed by Su’s sick father at the door.


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